Lake Erie Windmills

There are windmills on Lake Erie. Eight of them, drinking in the full force of wind that blows east down the length of the lake. It’s strange, because green energy was once the purvey of liberal enclaves like California and Scandinavia. Now windmills spin barely a mile from where the stacks of Bethlehem Steel once belched darkness and soot onto the Buffalo landscape.

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  1. My name is Kristin Warham and I have written a children’s book about Buffalo, NY with a colleague. The book is being published with a projected spring release date. We are on a deadline with our publisher to get photos needed for the text, so that our illustrator can begin his end of the project and work to input our character. In our search for photos I found a great picture of the Lake Erie Windmills that linked to your site. I’d love to have it included in our project. There are several fantastic local photographers taking part and we’d love to have picture represented as well.

    Get back to me at your earliest convenience and let me know if including this picture in our book would be a possibility. This is not only a book, but a gallery of photos representing what a great place Buffalo is!

    Thanks for considering our project. I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Hi Kristin, thank you for your inquiry about the Lake Erie Windmills photo on my Zen Potluck blog site. I’ll be delighted to contribute to your upcoming children’s book. If you’d prefer, I’m pretty sure I can send you a link to a higher-resolution version later today. I agree with you about how great a place Buffalo is – born and raised there before moving west after college. I don’t have email for you and so have contacted you through social media. Best regards, Sky

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