Boos turn to Yays

In her concession speech to Barack Obama today, Hillary Clinton admirably achieved her goals: acknowledge supporters who worked so tirelessly toward making her America’s first female president, solidify her claim as America’s premier woman in politics, and direct her supporters to the urgency of electing Obama as our Democratic president in November.

The measure of the latter could be heard in how boos gradually gave way to yays through the duration of Sen. Clinton’s speech.

I am proud of Hillary Clinton’s achievements at this pivotal time in our nation’s history, from the start of her 2008 campaign so many months ago to the message she delivered so well today. Yes, while there were some questionable moments in the course of this fierce contest, her gracious speech reminded me that either Democratic candidate would be a fine leader of our country.

The candidates have successfully proven, in nearly equal measure, that a woman or a person of color can legitimately become president. Regardless of the primary outcome, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can both be proud of all they have accomplished. Regardless of my or anyone’s personal preferences, today is a proud day for America.

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