Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine


Dear President Obama,

In pondering the lunacy of the teabaggers, it dawns on me that they’re sending you teabags only because in 2009 they can’t board a crusty old frigate in their knotted knickers and pasty old wigs to hurl bales of raw tea leaves into Boston Harbor. Although they’d like to. That’s kind of funny.

I can only imagine how many mountains of tea bags your office has received since the right wing movement began. What brands? Mainstream stuff like Lipton? Do you have any favorites? Tetley perhaps for that dignified English flavor? Ginseng or Sencha? Hippie herbal teas… naw I doubt it.

Has Rahm set up a storage system for your teas? Can a database search reveal which teabaggers specifically to annoy if you’re running low on orange pekoe? Does Michelle recycle used teabags as fertilizer for the White House vegetable garden? There’s potentially lots of very funny material here.

So here’s my idea. How about adding a humorist to your cabinet, a Secretary of Humor? Think latter-day Mark Twain, or maybe someone like Tina Fey. Then whenever the opposition tries some stunt like teabagging, your humorist and press secretary together can proceed to bury them under a steaming heap of chuckles so fetching that the American public actually looks forward to their next try so we can all have a good laugh.

It’s just a thought (snicker).


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