Buzzword: Mobility

Here is my first prediction for 2010: Mobility is the new buzzword.

Apple may have just ensured this, based on credible reports of a mobility-themed product event on January 26th, when Apple is expected to announce a new tablet device which may be a game-changer for print-media consumption, especially newspapers and magazines. [1]

Likewise, Smartphone users today already have all the tools needed for producing and publishing content from anywhere in the world – chat, tweet, blog, podcast, fully edited photos and videos [2], and now live video broadcasting (e.g. UStream [3] and Qik [4]). Think “mobile news bureau”, with all of us as cub reporters.

Physical boundaries are dissolving as governments wrestle with how to stop, contain or at least manage this trend. Lots of Whack-a-Mole currently happening in places like China and Iran; but citizen tweeps and bloggers continue to pop up. [5]

Several friends and acquaintances have jobs where they often practice the art of the deal at 35,000 feet. I never know when I’ll receive an IM from them, from what time zone, or from which precisely geo-located city block.

Increasingly, our thoughts, dreams and data live in The Cloud, which is really some cigar-chomping old dame named Mabel working from a dingy home office in New Jersey. Kidding. Seriously, the cloud is really just a big air-conditioned room filled with racks and racks and racks of computers, but the effect is the same. This Borg-like brick of circuit boards creates an ethereal magic where one can be anywhere in the world and be connected – say hi and wave to their kids, share pictures of their cat, or from a hotel room in Mountain View complete that online diary entry they began back at the airport in Baltimore.

We’ve been pretty mobile for awhile now, but this year it’s for real(tm).


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