Call for Writers

Watching WordPress Stats, it seems that this humble website is starting to take off. Since 2007, I’ve penned 35 posts including this one, and surprisingly my very first post, Lake Erie Windmills, remains one of the most popular.

Last year a good friend back east sent me his take on the rustbelt economy. His short email was so compelling that I asked and he gracefully agreed to let me publish it in toto as a blog post, Still Life in Cleveland.

So now may be a good time to invite you the reader to become part of the creative team. Just add a comment to this post with either your essay or any ideas you may have. I moderate all comments and will contact you as needed before posting anything.

As you develop your essay, please consider:

  • a suggested title
  • your essay text ~500 words
  • references that should be cited with our essay
  • the author name or byline you would like to use for your posts
  • links to one or more photos that may accompany the essay
    (original work, public domain or fair use please)

If there’s enough interest, watch for new Author Categories to be added for quick access to your favorite authors’ posts. If not, then this post will quietly recede into the archives for now. Thanks for visiting and being part of the Zen Potluck experience.

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