Change Agents

Noted jazz musician Herbie Hancock said the following in a Keyboard Magazine interview published back in February 2002:

To me, being in a comfort zone is a kind of dying – you just stay there, and you don’t grow. It’s the opposite of what human existence is really about: constant growth, until you can’t anymore, and encouraging others to grow. What value does your life have, if you’re not constantly trying to explore and define who you are? That kind of realization has great value. It means that there aren’t any limits. It means that you have an infinite number of perspectives to draw from in order to address an issue, whether it’s a life issue or a musical issue.

So true nearly a decade ago, and still so true today. I get the feeling that this current recession has helped to collectively jar us loose from old thinking. Not necessarily old habits, yet, but perhaps it’s a start.

One Response to “Change Agents”

  1. Nice quote from Mwandishi!

    Personally, I have reassessed some values and priorities. Not that what is going on (and what more is to come) is good, but I have always found that being put in an uncomfortable spot forces new thinking and adapting. I am learning to adapt in this new time – not adapting my new ways to keep up with the old standards, but stepping away from the old standards completely…

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