Morrow Bay
Photo: dinosaur footprints in
Goseong, South Korea ©2006

287 is a lot of miles
if you’re not going anywhere
$21.60 tops the gas tank
a liquid dinosaur in the gas tank
a dinosaur exhausted
an exhausted dinosaur
going up in smoke
abstracted from its own imprint
below concrete

surf punk imprints the pedal
abstracted from his essence
as blonde as naugahyde
and a fair surfer
and a punk

manta ray traces the synapse
between dinosaurs and punks
cuts a parallel swath
above a wave
a dinosaur exhausted
a punk
below a wave
a manta ray
a dinosaur’s imprint

$41.60 tops the gas tank
1029 is a lot of miles
if you’re going nowhere

Random Sparks
10 April 2000
(from the archives)


Goseong Dinosaur Museum, South Korea

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