Why Seattle?

Reprint: Published originally on Blogger.com, September 2006.

Three years ago I wrote about idyllic life in Eugene, Oregon, which it was. Now I’m back in Seattle, musing and writing about all this contagious energy. Since leaving the corporate world a few years back, I’ve spent many moments grasping at the delicate balance between nature and community… between sustainability and energy.
Eugene is the kind of place one can settle into. About it I once said, “the basics are all here for comfortable, sustainable life.” But it’s hard to settle in Seattle. This is the place where one has to look both ways just to keep up. In Seattle, I’ve seldom met anyone who is not totally committed to their personal chase scene – pursuing careers and hobbies to the max.

In Eugene I loped along the bicycle trails at 15 miles per hour, dressed a bit better than most in my ripped cycling shorts and old Bell helmet. Now in Seattle, I’m lapped by serious bikers, one after another on the Burke-Gilman, in their high performance color-coordinated outfits and 20-pound street bikes. Now I’m pushing 18 miles per hour with the goal of being passed just a bit less often.

This contagion may get me to 20 miles per hour someday. Maybe I’ll trade my old Cannondale for a serious bike. But you’ll never see me in color coordinated spandex. It’s still the balance of nature (this time human) and community.

3 Responses to “Why Seattle?”

  1. Seattle cyclists would have you know that their bikes are more like 15 pounds 🙂

  2. LOL, thanks GingerSnap, still chuckling about that one.

  3. Yay for non-color coded, non-spandex!

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