Limbaugh: We Can Respond to Fear With Love

Like so many others, I am dismayed by Rush Limbaugh’s highly inappropriate on-air comments regarding Georgetown Law Student Sandra Fluke and the recent congressional hearings on women’s contraception.

Although my first impulse is to jump on the “Dump Rush” bandwagon, I strongly believe that any response must come from my best intentions, regardless of how I may feel about the offense or the offender. I needn’t jump into the mud to cleanse the river.

So while my name may not show up on the edgier petitions circulating the Internet, nonetheless I intend to make informed choices about what radio stations and sponsors’ products to avoid, and to share my feelings with others.

Another story reminds me that opportunities for healing and redemption can spring from the most surprising circumstances. Montana Federal Judge Richard Cebull last week was caught emailing a very tasteless, racially charged joke about President Obama’s parents and mixed ethnicity to associates. Cebull has since apologized without excuse or condition, and publicly asked the Chief Justice of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to conduct a full internal investigation of his misconduct, saying “I waive any confidentiality as to making this request or to the existence of any proceedings that may ensue from it.” [1] He knows this will likely end his judicial career, yet he appears willing to accept this as a rare life-changing opportunity.

I sincerely hope so. And likewise, if Rush Limbaugh’s actions cause an end to his broadcasting career, I wish him the courage to face the music and make something positive from it, for himself and our greater community.


  1. Judge Richard Cebull apologizes to Obama

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