Another Victory for Church-State Separation

Here is a very telling post-election comment by Joseph Backholm, chairman of Preserve Marriage Washington, which tried and failed to defeat WA Referendum 74 recognizing same-sex marriage:

“Backholm pointed out that Washington is a very liberal state and one of the most secular in the country. He said the polling indicated 80 percent of ‘unchurched’ voters approved of Referendum 74.”

This shows how clearly he understands that a majority of WA residents do not subscribe to his church’s specific religious views, yet he and his peers have invested so much energy in trying to affect legislation to favor his religion.

I welcome Backholm to believe however he chooses, whether I personally agree with him or not. That is religious freedom. And that is why separation of church and state is so critically important for our democracy.


Same-sex-marriage opponents concede in Washington

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