Job Mobility Is a Good Thing

The Affordable Care Act has given many workers the ability to leave oppressive jobs, return to school and even start businesses of their own, without fear of losing healthcare for themselves and families. This can only be a good thing in the long run.

Henry Ford’s Wisdom

Not only was it a matter of social justice, Ford wrote, but paying high wages was also smart business. When wages are low, uncertainty dogs the marketplace and growth is weak. But when pay is high and steady, Ford asserted, business is more secure because workers earn enough to become good customers.[1] While reading a […]

Buy Low, Sell High

Here’s an interesting wrinkle on the bank bailouts.

Patriotic Purchases

On Craigslist, in the for sale / wanted / musical instruments section, someone posts the following plea: Do not buy anything being made in China… Do not buy any equipment made in foreign countries. Support the country and only buy american. All of those amps made overseas are crap. Save your money and buy either […]

Still Life in Cleveland

A good friend who lives in Cleveland sent me this link [1] to a recent New York Times photo essay on the economic realities in Michigan. I’ve received his permission to print his thoughtful email to me in its entirety: Almost any photo frame from Michigan can be found here in Ohio. For many today […]

On Cynicism and Truth

I received the following in a chain email letter today which got me thinking: Subject: Economic Stimulus Payment… Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the US economy by spending your stimulus check wisely: If you spend that money at Wal-Mart, all the money will go to China. If you spend it […]

Request for Proposal

Upon reading about today’s new $34 billion bailout plea by the Big 3 US auto makers, complete with “pay-us-or-have-a-Great-Depression” scare tactics, I felt compelled to send the following letter to my state representatives and the Obama transition team: The potential bailout of the Big 3 US automakers raises an interesting question. What would small, emerging […]


What a strange and wonderful time we live in. Even as stocks crash through 8,000 and we contemplate a return to the 1930s, I see mounting rays of hope for the near future. In 2008, we are witnessing the collapse of great pillars that have defined our world for three generations since the end of […]

Why Conservatism is Bad for Capitalism

Capitalists are (gasp) Liberals! Conservatives like to bash us progessive-minded folks, while claiming the mantle of patriotism for themselves. What’s good for conservatives is good for America, they say. Not so fast. A quick reality check within any mainstream business text will suggest otherwise. Well-known CNN Business News commentator Paula Nelson says, “Going into business […]