The Soul of a Corporate “Person”

NCPPR takes on Tim Cook and Apple at a recent shareholder meeting. Tim’s response gives me hope about the soul of our companies.

Is It Worth It?

One accident. 11 missing (now presumed dead). More critically injured. 600 square miles and growing. 210,000 gallons a day. Four state coastlines. Crab, oysters, shrimp and other fisheries at risk. Thousands facing economic ruin. Hundreds of species threatened. How will the accountants tally all that as part of the true cost of oil extraction? References […]


Photo: dinosaur footprints in Goseong, South Korea ©2006 287 is a lot of miles if you’re not going anywhere $21.60 tops the gas tank a liquid dinosaur in the gas tank a dinosaur exhausted an exhausted dinosaur going up in smoke abstracted from its own imprint below concrete surf punk imprints the pedal abstracted from […]

People who live in Dome Houses

I first caught the geodesic-dome bug back in the 1970s, for no reason other than my ongoing fascination with unique dwellings. While there are many alternatives, domes in particular have some important and practical advantages over the rectangular boxes that most of us live in. From the Tiny House Blog: [1] The sphere is nature’s […]

Request for Proposal

Upon reading about today’s new $34 billion bailout plea by the Big 3 US auto makers, complete with “pay-us-or-have-a-Great-Depression” scare tactics, I felt compelled to send the following letter to my state representatives and the Obama transition team: The potential bailout of the Big 3 US automakers raises an interesting question. What would small, emerging […]


What a strange and wonderful time we live in. Even as stocks crash through 8,000 and we contemplate a return to the 1930s, I see mounting rays of hope for the near future. In 2008, we are witnessing the collapse of great pillars that have defined our world for three generations since the end of […]

We’re Citizens, Not Consumers (Updated)

A progressive talk show host who I admire recently stressed the importance of protecting the rights of the consumer. While I applaud his message, I bristle at his use of the word “consumer”. We’re citizens, not consumers, but Madison Avenue has pursuaded us to see ourselves as some sort of new species. When did a […]

Lake Erie Windmills

There are windmills on Lake Erie. Eight of them, drinking in the full force of wind that blows east down the length of the lake. It’s strange, because green energy was once the purvey of liberal enclaves like California and Scandinavia. Now windmills spin barely a mile from where the stacks of Bethlehem Steel once […]