Applauding the Treeless Magazine

Some thoughts on the launch of Rupert Murdoch’s new magazine The Daily for the iPad.

Google versus the Music Blogs?

#Musicblogocide. I’ll have to look more into this story [1], but suffice to say, if Google has been taking down music-related Blogger sites without clear justification, it is unwarranted censorship and a big problem. Google recently took down several music blogs due to copyright violations, yet the owner of at least one site in particular […]

What to do with old CDs?

For the past few years my family has been downsizing with some goals in mind: having fewer things, living in smaller, more efficient housing and traveling a bit more. So in an era when my entire legally-purchased music collection fits easily onto one 3.5″ hard drive, why must I continue lugging around two moving boxes […]