Thoughts on ‘Our Decadent Elites’

Peggy Noonan revisits the culture of greed that emerged in early eighties and continues to this day, highly amplified and scarcely regulated.

Billion-Dollar Bust?

Given what we have just experienced in the US 2012 elections, campaign finance and voting reform are more critically important than ever.

Karl Rove’s Illuminating Moment

Karl Rove must now responded to the collective ire of wealthy donors who he assembled.

Representing Our America

Here is a fascinating idea that someone posted in the forums today. Rather than elections, what if our representatives in congress were selected through a simple lottery open to all US citizens, age 25 and older, in good legal standing and with at least a high school diploma? This would capture a snapshot of our […]

H.R. 358 Is More Misguided Meddling

H.R. 3 is troubling enough, but H.R. 358 takes the debate to a whole different level.

H.R. 3 Is Misguided Meddling

Disguised as anti-abortion legislation, H. R. 3 raises legitimate questions about the true intent of its sponsors.

Poor, Poor British Petroleum

Sitting U.S. Representative Joe Barton (R-TX) today apologized to BP, apparently on behalf of himself, for the $20 billion dollar escrow account that the Administration has just set up for Gulf Coast damages and recovery. In a congressional testimony with BP executives he said: I’m not speaking for anybody in the House of Representatives but […]

The Black Art of Tea

Here is how the grassroots works. In Maine yesterday, an organized bloc of tea-bagger delegates to their state republican convention overwhelmingly voted to scrap the proposed GOP party platform and replace it with their own version[1], written by a group called the Maine Refounders. The new platform raises many disturbing issues. Rather than tear into […]

Buy Low, Sell High

Here’s an interesting wrinkle on the bank bailouts.

The Good Life

I have a confession to make. Zen Potluck was never supposed to be about politics. Visit my About Page and you’ll read my simple pledge to talk about sustainable, conscious living, and yes, maybe even food. You see, my partner and I like to cook and break bread together. Regardless of schedules, we manage to […]