Thanksgiving, Gratitude and Commerce

From the Blog: Why not preserve Thanksgiving as our one day where giving thanks has the highest priority?

Another Victory for Church-State Separation

This telling statement by Joseph Backholm illuminates the need for church-state separation.

Values, Isms and our Human Spirit

Here is my consideration of values and labels in our highly charged political season. Conclusion: it’s all good, and it’s really up to us.

Limbaugh: We Can Respond to Fear With Love

Like so many others, I am dismayed by Rush Limbaugh’s highly inappropriate on-air comments regarding Georgetown Law Student Sandra Fluke and the recent congressional hearings on women’s contraception. Although my first impulse is to jump on the “Dump Rush” bandwagon, I strongly believe that any response must come from my best intentions, regardless of how […]

Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!

I had a wow moment while responding to someone’s blog post today. The writer described the invisible hand of capitalism as a better alternative to having countless flawed humans in public service scrambling to enact their individual views of what’s best for everyone. I interpreted his opinion essentially as: The role of perfect capitalism is […]

Why Seattle?

Musing and writing about Seattle’s contagious energy.

Faces of Journalism

With all this talk about old news outlets giving way to social media, here is a story to consider. This morning I dialed into 5-0 Radio Pro, an iPhone app that’s a quite capable police-fire-emergency radio scanner. After making the rounds of my regular channels, I checked out the current Top 100 and noted Nashville […]

Patriotic Purchases

On Craigslist, in the for sale / wanted / musical instruments section, someone posts the following plea: Do not buy anything being made in China… Do not buy any equipment made in foreign countries. Support the country and only buy american. All of those amps made overseas are crap. Save your money and buy either […]

Change Agents

Noted jazz musician Herbie Hancock said the following in a Keyboard Magazine interview published back in February 2002: To me, being in a comfort zone is a kind of dying – you just stay there, and you don’t grow. It’s the opposite of what human existence is really about: constant growth, until you can’t anymore, […]

Google versus the Music Blogs?

#Musicblogocide. I’ll have to look more into this story [1], but suffice to say, if Google has been taking down music-related Blogger sites without clear justification, it is unwarranted censorship and a big problem. Google recently took down several music blogs due to copyright violations, yet the owner of at least one site in particular […]