Where Invention Comes From

An epic struggle between the Titans of Old and New is brewing in Hollywood, with Adobe and Apple cast in starring roles. Earlier this year, Apple surprised the industry with its newest version of Final Cut Pro X for professional video editors, i.e. moviemakers. As is their wont, Apple “thought different” about what video editing […]

Faces of Journalism

With all this talk about old news outlets giving way to social media, here is a story to consider. This morning I dialed into 5-0 Radio Pro, an iPhone app that’s a quite capable police-fire-emergency radio scanner. After making the rounds of my regular channels, I checked out the current Top 100 and noted Nashville […]

What’s with the iPad?

After studying the announcement, considering 3rd-party opinions and watching Steve Job’s entire keynote, my take is that Apple has another hit in their hands. One can argue that iPad version 1.0 is not quite there, but regardless, it is a solid first pitch that has claimed that odd space between smartphones and laptops, in a […]

Buzzword: Mobility

Here is my first prediction for 2010: Mobility is the new buzzword. Apple may have just ensured this, based on credible reports of a mobility-themed product event on January 26th, when Apple is expected to announce a new tablet device which may be a game-changer for print-media consumption, especially newspapers and magazines. [1] Likewise, Smartphone […]