Healthcare Options are Good for Everyone

A few weeks ago, I lost a small argument with a hand tool. It was no big deal. Four stitches later I was good to go, except for one problem: this happened on a Sunday. I bled. I cussed. Then wrapped in gauze I quickly surveyed my options. Option #1 was to drive to the […]

Is the Massachusetts Senate Race a Referendum?

Tonight I wrote the following in a discussion thread on one of the mainstream media websites covering the Massachusetts senate election. Thankfully, direct feedback has been mostly positive and constructive, which is a hopeful sign.

Ted Kennedy’s Rational Dream

Courtesy of MoveOn.Org [1], I just watched the following video: Senator Kennedy had the courage to stand up for healthcare as a right for all Americans, and cry foul at his peers in the Senate who would deny universal coverage to others while enjoying exceptional coverage funded by all our tax dollars. So once again, […]

Smoke, Mirrors and Truth: Debating Healthcare in Fred’s World

This viral email arrived in my inbox today: Subject: Fw: Shocking Fred Thompson Interview on Senior Health Care You will NOT believe your ears!!!! Send this to all of your friends and relatives!!!! If you are over 65 and sick with a serious life threatening illness, your life is worth very little under this new […]

Preventive Maintenance

A recent story[1] by Seattle Times staff reporter Richard Seven starts like this: “After performing more than 3,000 weight-loss surgeries during a three-decade career, James Weber closes his practice this month to become a yoga instructor. Consider it a quality-of-life move.” Think about it. Giving up a six-figure career to focus instead on the preventive […]